5 Lessons Learned: Dating

The Right Attitude To Deliver Your Pick Up Lines

Here are some topics to analyze for all those who want to understand more with regards to effective ways of picking up women.

First and foremost, there is the openers which are basically the words that are used to build a rapport or start a conversation. These openers are so important because if you don’t have useful openers, there is a chance of losing that opportunity where you can get the girl’s number who may be interested in you. Openers as a matter of fact don’t need to be complex.

When picking up girls, here are some openers you may want to try.

Number 1. Excuse me, are you familiar in this place – if she stops, 1 second is enough say that “you are cute, would you like to get coffee sometimes? The purpose of this opener is making your target go to a stop.

Number 2. How are you going to look at me like that and not say anything – this one is quite a playful opener most especially when you are at bars. This is used most of the times after seeing a woman looking right at you. This is a good initial ice breaker and helps you to have an entrance to a conversation.

Number 3. Excuse me, do you know any nice spots around here – this one is quite simple and no-brainer opener. It can help you to gauge how interested the girl is through her response by simply telling this pickup line. Not only that, this is a good way of telling if she’s on vacation or local without having to ask for it.

Well of course, you should know that not all time your pickup lines will work and that any women you talk to will be interested. You have to be aware that there are going to be instances in which you’ll be rejected and learning how to deal with it is crucial.

Always remember that understanding women if she is interested or she is not is the key to being successful to them. There’s no way that you can convince a girl to like you and in the end, there are billions of girls around the globe and each of them has specific preferences. The best way for you to overcome rejection is to simply get used to it as it is all part of the game. For instance, out of fifty girls you ask, you may only get approximately 12 numbers, then out of those, 5 won’t have any chemistry, 5 will flake, you may get a kiss from 2 and be more intimate with 1.