This is a Multi Window Application to Run Applications Simultaneously

In essence the Smartphone is a modern technological tool which takes inspiration from one computer, with different word is one computer that managed to be minimized and finally that is Smartphone (this word is taken because Computer exist first than Smartphone).

But there are many advantages Smartphone that goes beyond one computer, one of them is Smartphone and easy to take anywhere and can get their own network. The main argument is that some people prefer Smartphone devices when compared to Computer.

For Multitasking feature indeed has become the uniqueness of the computer device, but now this Smartphone device that has MIUI interface can do feature that is wrong is Xiaomi Mi 6. Indeed there are many also who can’t enjoy this one feature because it does not support.

However there is a guide for your standard Smartphone can use the feature multitasking it, immediately just refer to the explanation as much as.

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First we need an application called Floating Apps that can be found on the Google Play Store, download and install the app.

After the installation system is finished so automatically will also exit a floating apps icon in the upper left corner of your Smartphone monitor, click the icon. In this way we do not need some complicated to enter into the application.

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Steps to run multitasking applications on Android Smartphone after that is specify the application will also be included into the floating menu, not all applications can run in unison, but only some applications such as Youtube, Twitter, Whatsapp, and others except games.

After selecting the app that wants to be moved simultaneously, then reset it. Once you have managed to set two or more apps in one moment, plus we can also set how big the application appearance we want.

This way you’ve managed to follow the steps to move multitasking applications on Android Smartphone, good luck and hopefully successful.