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Advantages of Using IP Telephone Systems for Large Businesses

What IP telephone systems offer large businesses is a great advantage for their call centers and their ability to network on a global scale. Here are some of the main advantages if large businesses use IP telephone systems.

The first advantage is that you can have unified global communications for all offices. With an IP telephone system, every branch of the large company, whatever part of the globe it is located, can be assigned an extension number. So it will seem that all the several offices globally is one big worldwide office and this saves the company from long distance charges. This also makes it easy to transfer calls of customers who dials the wrong extension and so save time and headaches.

With IP telephone systems, businesses ability to telecommute are enhanced with great savings on cost. When there is telecommuting, large businesses save money on building insurance costs, and it is an easy way to ‘go green’ because they reduce traffic from a regular commute. Before, large companies have traditional call centers but now they are switching to have their workers telecommute. What telecommuter use are soft phones which are software programs installed in computers so that their workers can dial through their DSL or Cable ISP and receive and place calls. The private information of the employee will not be seen by the caller because this is done through company software.
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Whatever time costumers call, they can contact the company 24/7. Connecting to customers is possible in different time zones, on different work schedules and the business is open 24/7 through a global office that has an IP telephone system.
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Another advantage of having IP telephone system is its cost effective disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Businesses still using the traditional phone systems will need to pay double to get a redundant system in place to keep the business going I the event of a disaster. This is not true with IP phone systems which uses the internet because it is much more cost effective. Getting a replacement or redundant system only costs you an additional ten to thirty percent of the original system. With IP telephone systems you can cost savings during disasters while keeping your business continuity plans.

Aside from what is given above there are still many advantages in using IP telephone systems but even those few benefits above should be convincing enough for your company to switch to it now. This IP telephone system is ideal for large businesses. Other reasons why large businesses should consider getting an IP telephone systems is because it enables greater quality control and it is also very cost-effective to use.