Listening when you’re in the shop.

Have you ever wandered into a shop and thought ‘the tunes in here a pretty good’, maybe it is the reason why you came in off the street in the first place? Perhaps you’re sat in a pub or place of business where you have to wait and you find that you’re tapping your foot along to the music playing then it really is no accident at all. The sounds that you hear are carefully thought out and it’s no accident that you are feeling that way. There are many companies that specialise in Music for business and there are some very compelling reasons as to why they do.

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If you are wondering what the typical reason why you would use music for business is then read on to find out more. Music fulfils many psychological needs from providing solace and comfort, giving you feelings of joy and even adding to and confirming your identity.  What that music does in reaffirm that you are in the right place and that the environment suits you. It’s a very clever way to get you to spend more time in the location that you are visiting. It doesn’t have to be a hop or restaurant it also can be a place of business, a cultural sight like a museum or even a visitor attraction. The opposite is also true and is the place isn’t playing sounds or songs that you like then it’s unlikely that you will want to hang about.

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This is why the company that is going to be setting your music will look at your mission statement and work with you in terms of sales projections and business or site plan to come up with a tailored playlist that represents the customers to attract you  and them make you stay. This also creates a feeling of goodwill to the place and desire to see more of it.

As the cost of a music licence is quite expensive it is vital that your tunes that are going to be played are spot on. For example it would be very inappropriate and counterproductive for New Look to start playing Metal or Goth tunes over the speakers even if it was a great sound. The customer base and clientele are not going to be receptive to that whereas it’s not a good idea to have Little Mix playing in a guitar shop. So consider the fact that when you are out and about all lot of thought and money has gone into the music that you are hearing.