Key Things to Know About Marketing a Franchise

Your brand as a franchise is defined by a franchisor, even though you determine the marketing decisions. One of the great things concerning investing in this kind of a business is that you will have bought into a brand that exists and has been marketed successfully. But, the level of franchise marketing support you get differs from one franchise to the next.


Because of this, you need to know that the ultimate success of your brand will depend on consumer awareness. Marketing your business will help you attain your goals just as long as you focus on the tried and tested marketing advice for franchisees. Here are some tips to get you started.


Follow the rules/guidelines
Marketing is fundamentally risky. Knowing the techniques that will work is usually a mystery to many. However, as a franchisee, you are in a very different position since the company already has a blueprint for success. All you have to do is to heed the advice of fellow franchisees near you and the franchisor.


You may have to rely on social media, email marketing, networking, or radio advertising because that’s what works best for the brand. Observe the people who are around you and mimic the activities that fit the level of your business as well as the audience you are targeting. Remember that just because PR is an excellent marketing idea for others, it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect for you.


Be on the brand


Because you have already bought the brand, be sure to use it well and consistently. A brand toolkit needs to have logos in different formats, imagery dos and don’ts, guidelines for voice tone, and fonts and color palettes. When you are armed with all this, it becomes easy for you to brief the website developers, copywriters, graphic designers, and marketing professionals to design material and run campaigns for your franchise in the right way.


Misusing your brand will just confuse your market. You’ll not only look like an amateur but also unprofessional. The impressions you offer your customers are everything, and since we are visual creatures, your clients will look first and then ask any questions later.


As you start out in a franchise, budgeting may seem frustrating and futile. However, it is beneficial on two counts. First, it lets you make your decisions more easily. When you designate a certain amount of money to a marketing activity, you’ll not find yourself struggling. Your budget will define the choices you can make. This helps you to bring marketing activities to life more quickly.


Secondly, a budget will assist you to stay profitable. Since cash is king, cash flow in your franchise is necessary for success. It is wise to always allocate a certain percentage of your revenue to your marketing activities. The amount will be determined by your industry, but your franchisor should be in a position to guide you.


Marketing your franchise doesn’t have to be challenging. To succeed, consider these tips we have discussed before making any vital marketing decisions for your business.